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3 mistakes to avoid when printing your brochure

A company brochure is a very important branding tool. It should be prepared well to communicate the right information to the prospective customers and to motivate them to try out the company’s products or services. While printing a brochure, people often make the following mistakes.

Choosing only one design

The design you have chosen may not be appropriate to be printed with the particular machine the printing company has. The colors may get distorted or your entire format may change. So, it is better to have more than one brochure design in mind.

Decide on a budget

You shouldn’t go for the cheapest option. That way the quality of your brochure will be affected. The printing may not be of the best quality and low-quality paper may be used. So, set your budget a bit high.

Balance text and images

Your brochure should have a balance between text and images. There shouldn’t be too many images that make the brochure less informative. If you only add content without much image, then your brochure won’t look attractive. So, you should have a balance.

In your brochure, you must include the contact details of your company clearly so that the prospective customers can contact you for further information. You should design your brochure with the help of a professional so that you can have the right selection of images, text, and fonts. You should print a single brochure first to see if any changes are needed to be made before printing hundreds of copies of the brochure.

Choosing Publisher Publisher

3 tips for choosing a good publisher

If you are a writer and looking for a good publisher then it’s going to be a tough job. There are many publishing houses available today, each claiming to be the best. Here are some tips for selecting a good publisher.

Learn how the publishing house works

Usually, publishing houses work expecting to get a good return on their investment. They want brilliant ideas or stories so that more people buy the book. However, there are some publishing houses who would like to work with you and help you to make your book sellable. You should look for such publishing houses.

Look for a cooperative publishing house

These publishers will do the leg works for you. They will manage the whole process. They will not only print your book but also get it listed on sites like Amazon. They will also take your books to bookstores so that they sell. So, you are going to get a one-stop solution from the publisher.

Know the team

You should be comfortable working with the publishing team. You should know them well and see what they can do for you. It is very important to work with the right team in order to publish a book.

Choosing a good publishing house is essential for the right launch of your book. So, you should take the time to search for a good publisher. You can ask for references from your friends or colleagues to get a trusted publisher.

Large format printing Printing

4 useful tips for large format printing

Brands are competing with one another to get the customers’ attention. They are using electronic screens, LED displays and other innovative ways to attract the customers. However, the tradition banner printing is still popular. You can still see these banners on window displays or trade shows. Here are some tips for large format printing that you might find useful.

Use process colors

You should set up your color as CMYK. It is better to choose the general shades rather than the fancy ones. This is because not all printers are able to print those colors and the colors may get distorted.

Use vector images

You must use vector images instead of bitmapped images. As vectors do not have individual pixels and shapes, lines, etc. are dependent on mathematical equations, the picture will remain sharp no matter what the size is.

Fonts must be readable

You should have simple and bold fonts so that people can see it from a distance clearly. The color contrast is also important for visibility. You shouldn’t use a very fancy font that may be difficult to read.

Print it small first

Before you print it large, it is better to print it small first. That way, you will be able to verify whether everything is in the correct order. If there are any mistakes that need to be corrected, you can do that too.

Large format printing is very effective in getting people’s attention and creating impact. You should put the right message on the banner. You need to be very careful while printing as any small mistake will be highlighted in the large print.